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We have years of unblocking Bristol drains and can unblock any type of blockage. And because we have all the latest equipment you can rest assured that one call to us will solve your drain clearance issues fast. We unblock anything and we unblock it fast!

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We unblock Drains All Over Bristol

Most household drains become blocked due to a build up of fats and oils over time.  This build up, if not cleaned through regularly, will slowly clog the drain until the point that the water can no longer pass.  This will stop the water from flowing through. All Bristol Locations.  The team will attend any blockage be it a blocked drain in Henleaze or overflowing toilets in town.  Blockages will need to be removed chemically or physically.  This can be done by the householder, however, if you prefer us to deal with the job quickly and effectively, it’s good to know that we are only a phone call away!  These jobs can often be a bit messy and smelly but it’s could to know that Redland Plumbing, your local Bristol plumber, has vast experience of blockages and leaks.  It’ s all in a normal day’s work. We’re more than happy to do those jobs you don’t want to do.

A step by step guide to Baking Soda to clear your blocked drains Bristol

The baking soda remedy is something that many have heard of, however not everyone are aware of the correct procedure to use this old, but functional and often effective way to clear a blocked drains Bristol.

For us there is a right and most effective way to apply the baking soda technique, and there are a couple of more ingredients which will make this method pack the biggest punch possible. So the other things you will need for your blocked drains Bristol situation is plain white vinegar and a kettle as so to be able to provide boiling water.

blocked drains bristol baking sodaFirstly you need to remove the water in the effected sink and let it dry out.

Secondly you pour one cup of dry baking soda down the blocked drain. Make sure that the powder makes it was as deep as possible down the effected drain.

Thirdly pour about two cups of boiling water, and leave it to work for several minutes.

Fourthly add an additional cup of baking soda which is to be followed up with one cup of the white vinegar. At this stage there will be sound of sizzling and visible bubbling, so don’t panic when you see this, it will not damage your pipes or sink.

Lastly when the bubbles have stopped and the sound is gone, add another two cups of boiling water.

Hopefully this will do the trick for your blocked drains Bristol. However if it doesn’t resolve your issue, please feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll help advice you on what may be required to solve your drainage issue.

This procedure is also a very powerful method to prevent build up in your pipes and can greatly reduce the risk of a blocked drains Bristol scenario if done on a regular basis. Our suggestion is once per month, or once every second month depending on how much the kitchen and the drain is used.

Annual maintenance of water heaters to prevent a blocked drains Bristol scenario

blocked drains bristol boilerMost UK households have some form of boiler in their house to provide the household with hot running water from the taps. We would like to put a reminder to the importance of always making sure you do your annual maintenance regardless of what type of heater it is that you have. Due to the continuous fluctuations in higher temperature within your water tank there will be an increased level of sediment build up which in large amounts can cause damage and reduce the efficiency of the heater itself. The build up may corrode the inside of your tank should it not be emptied and flushed out on a regular basis. Of course this can also be a contributory cause of a blocked drains Bristol scenario, as it has an effect on your water and the pipes which it runs though.

To prevent sediment build up and in turn better prevent a blocked drains Bristol issue it’s vital that regular flushes are made. Regular and matriculate maintenance on your water heater and hot water tank will not only help prevent a blocked drains Bristol problem but will also help your heater keep its maximum efficiency. You can also lessen the risk of damage to your tank by lowering the temperature on your thermostat ever so slightly. To best prevent a blocked drains Bristol complication we recommend your heater settings to be at 120°F. Which will also reduce risk of damaging your water heater and hot water tank.

Should you have any issues, concerns or questions with regards to your water heater or if you are faced with a blocked drains Bristol situation, feel free to get in touch. We are always ready for your call and happy to help answer any questions you may hold.

Keeping the kitchen clear of blocked drains Bristol

blocked drains bristol kitchen sinkIf you are worried about suffering from a blocked in your kitchen, something that many of us are, we would like to share some tips on how to keep your kitchen clear of a blocked drains Bristol scenario. It’s not until you land in the scenario that you realise how difficult it is to live when your kitchen water and draining system is not running perfectly. We see that a blocked drains Bristol scenario can really halt your life, and everything from making a cup of tea to washing up a few pots will turn into what feels like bigger tasks.

So what we suggest to prevent a blocked drains Bristol situation in your kitchen is perhaps common sense, but at the same time things which in the rush of everyday life may be easily forgotten.

Something that can cause a blocked drains Bristol, or at least be a big factor in what causes the issue is that of excess grease which has gotten stuck to the inside of your drain pipes. Dispose of grease, and oil in the bin rather than the sink, and should the scenario occur where it can’t be helped, make sure you rinse with hot water and detergent for a good 15-30 seconds after usage. There are also a few different type of drain clear products, some of which are very effective should you have a kitchen with is under heavy use, and it may be beneficial to you to have a look for a product that suits your regular needs.

In the case of you having a garbage disposal unit, to prevent a blocked drains Bristol scenario, it’s a good idea to rinse about 15 seconds before you make use of it, making sure that the pathway is clear. But of course, the most efficient way to keep a kitchen blocked drains Bristol scenario at a distance is to dispose of as much waste as possible though your regular bins.

Preventing a blocked drain Bristol in the bathroom

We would like to give you a couple of pointers in how you can avoid a blocked drain Bristol in your bathroom. Of course one of the most common causes of problems is that things which go down the drain are things which the drain itself was not designed to handle. Many biological materials will break down and wash away just with consistent use, and therefore the pose a lower threat in causing a blocked drain Bristol situation.

So the things which much heighten the risk of being faced with a blocked drain Bristol scene and that you should avoid at any cost putting down your toilet or bathroom sink. Simply due to the fact that it will be much bigger, more costly and much more disgusting job to deal with later in a blocked drain Bristol scenario are things like cotton ear buds, of course nappies, tampons, hairgrips, face wipes and cosmetic products and consumables.

Even if the toilet drain itself is of a wide nature, there will be many places where you can get a potential blocked drain Bristol if you are not careful. In many places the pipes will be narrower, and perhaps subject to bends and not always at the highest slanting angle. So even if a small cotton swab seems very unlikely to get stuck in a seemingly wide drain, there is a high potential risk for this alone to be the cause of a big blocked drain Bristol issue.

So make sure you have a bin in the bathroom for any waste other than own, safe liquids like mopping water and the loo roll which is designed to break up and rarely cause any type of drainage issues unless in far excessive quantities.

Protect against frozen and blocked drain Bristol

blocked drain Bristol frozen outdoorsThe times are going towards winter and the air temperature is dropping. We might not be in the risk zone yet, however soon there may be frost and temperatures may start dropping close to zero. In some houses there are pipes that are running outside of the building, as well as drain going to the outside of the building. Issues with blocked drain Bristol due to an over snowed and frozen outside drain are not overly common, as the water that is drained out is often high enough temperature to keep them clear, and with the motion also preventing things from freezing over. However blocked drain Bristol does happen outside as well during this time, often due to other reasons such as much and debris clogging things up. So it’s important to keep your outside drains clear to stop yourself having to go out in the cold to trouble shoot the potential blocked drain Bristol issue in the cold, and potentially dark outside.

Should you have been away for a little while and if you’ve not used the outside drains, in most cases the water flowing will be enough to thaw it out quickly, however if the blocked drain Bristol is of the nature where the water has potential to flow elsewhere it will. And in the cases of perhaps a paved back garden, it may cause your back yard to turn into a skating rink, which is very dangerous. If you can see outside that the drain is frozen, the easiest way to get though it is by pouring boiling where required, this will get though the ice in no time.

Toilet maintenance to prevent a blocked drains Bristol

One of the worst things that can happen, especially if the nearest neighbor is a bit of a distance away, is that of suffering a blocked toilet. We understand that a blocked drains Bristol scenario involving the toilet can be quite stressful, simply due to the fact that our needs are just that. They are needs, and some things we need to have available in the house. Luckily many households these days have more than one toilet, and should a blocked drains Bristol scenario happen with one of the toilets, there is a back up. However of course it’s better to keep on the maintenance, as to make sure that your toilets are always in working order.

So the things that we would recommend you keep on the lookout for so that you can prevent any unwanted blocked drains Bristol toilet scenarios are firstly, that of sound. Is your toilet making a sound which is not usual? Most of the times it’s not issue and sounds can be sourced to something making noise in the flushing mechanism, however at times it is caused by some form of obstruction to the water flow which can be detected if investigated. Secondly we would like to ass emphasis to keeping a good strong flush for when it’s needed, as a flush which is too weak can cause issues further down the line. And as always, to prevent a blocked drains Bristol scenario, if you have any concerns just get in touch with us. For blocked drains Bristol scenarios, it’s always better to fix any potential issues as early as possible. Both when it comes to cost, as well as your own convenience and routines.

Keeping clear of outdoors blocked drains Bristol

blocked drains bristol outdoorsOf course any home owner must also keep in mind the outdoors, as blocked drains Bristol can happen there as well. We would like to give you a couple of pointers here, on how you can best prevent outdoor blocked drains Bristol. Firstly it’s important to keep your outside drains clear of leaves and other plant debris which is quite a common cause for any type of blockage. A tip which can come in handy to prevent a blocked drains Bristol as well is of course to keep doing the regular gardening, and clean the areas often enough to prevent wind from blowing leaves up to the edge of the house, where often the drains are located.

Another common cause for a blocked drains Bristol in the garden is that of nests. Different type of animals live in crevices and often if a drain is not used for a while, say during the summer months there may be some little resident in the opening to our drains. And in cases where there is a blocked drain leading for your roof, it’s also usual for blocked drains Bristol to be caused by a birds nest in the gutter. So it may be worth that every once in a while to check and clean the roof drains. In some areas with a lot of wildlife and trees around, there might be a high level of moss growth as well, and with rain. Moss is also a common cause for an outside blocked drains Bristol scenario.
At times a lack of pressure inside of the house can also be caused by a problem in the outdoors, and in keeping the garden well maintained you will also quicker be able to troubleshoot these issues. All whilst at the same time doing everything in your power to prevent an outdoors blocked drains Bristol.

Monitor your flow to prevent blocked drains Bristol

blocked drains bristol running tapIt may seem like an obvious tip, however it’s something easily missed as it is most commonly a problem that emerges slowly. Things like blocked drains Bristol can creep up on you without you even realising it until it’s at a critical point. It doesn’t take much either. Blocked drains Bristol is a common problem, however if spotted early it can be easily treated at home and no tradesman or someone from the outside is needed to resolve the situation. All you need to do is to keep an eye on the water, ever now and again make a habit out of checking as it’s draining from your sink or bath. You will very easily be able to recognise a difference in flow, simply due to the fact that you are made to spot differences.

Should you ever catch something that could develop into any type of blocked drains Bristol scenario, then there are many useful little tips on what you can do, often using regular household items rather than going to the shop to buy a liquid drain cleaner. In a previous tip we recommended the old house remedy baking soda and vinegar, which is valid, and works very well for both maintenance as well as light blocked drains Bristol problems. Plus, we will be continuing our little handy home tips for keeping those blocked drains Bristol away, and keeping the pipes, as well as life flowing without issue.

Should you ever need a plumber, or a plumbers advice on blocked drains Bristol, or anything else for that matter please feel free to get in touch. We are always happy to help and will do our best to answer your blocked drains Bristol questions. So keep an eye on the pipes, and enjoy life!

A blocked drain Bristol home plumbing tip: The Plunger

Don’t worry, we’re not about to go off on how you can easily repair your central heating and piping! If you ever have a situation of a blocked drain Bristol, we would like to offer some information and advice which can be useful to the average home owner. And seeing that plumbing is something which is part of pretty much every home and living scenario hopefully we can help with your blocked drain Bristol problem.

When a blocked drain reveals itself, many of us reach for the plunger, and for a blocked drain Bristol it’s not a bad choice, there are just a couple of more factors to take into account. Firstly is that if you use a plunger in the wrong scenario, your blocked drain Bristol problem might worse rather than better. In which pushing the block down the drain and further compacting it. Secondly, did you know that there are different type plungers for different types of drains?

blocked drain bristol sink and toilet plungerYou don’t need to keep an arsenal of plumbing tools in your home, but since the blocked drain Bristol issue is quite a common occurrence, it may be well worth investing in the right plunger for the job. Usually the title of the plunger you choose will also give you information on its purpose, sink, toilet and multipurpose plungers of many different shapes and varieties are available. For a blocked drain Bristol we would recommend a plunger which is suiting in size and title for the job, and when it comes to the choice of material, we recommend a rubber, or a soft plastic material which has more give and can be used with much greater ease. For a blocked drain Bristol we most commonly would recommend getting a so called ball plunger, which means less force is needed, and great unblocking power can be released, some of these also come with a spring meaning that they are even easier to use. If you have any questions about your plunger purchase, or about your blocked drain Bristol feel free to give us a call.

24/7 blocked drain Bristol services

Unlike many other drain unblockers, the services provided by your local plumber are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round. This means that no matter when the trouble strikes, one of our expert blocked drain Bristol engineers can be at your property within half an hour of your call. All of our drainage engineers are experienced with completing the following work:

  • Blocked drains, showers, toilets, sinks
  • CCTV Surveys
  • Drain and sewer repairs
  • Routine maintenance
  • Drain installations
  • High pressure water jetting

Most of the time people aren’t even aware that they have a problem until it’s too late. Food and excess fats that go down your kitchen sink are likely to block your kitchen drainage system. Hair that you don’t clear out from your bath or shower room are likely to blocked your bathroom drainage system. Dirt and waste materials that you fail to clean off your clothes before placing them in the washing machine are likely to put a strain on your drain and sewer systems. While we understand that the stresses of everyday life can cause us to neglect the health of our drains, it should not be this way and your local blocked drain Bristol team are here to help you stop that attitude.

As drainage problems can strike at any point in time, an efficient remedy needs to be available at any time. By focusing on delivering excellent customer service, our team of professional drainage engineers have perfected delivering efficient service at a reasonable price, no matter what time of day you end up calling one of our friendly drainage engineers. You need not worry anymore when you think it’s too late to give us a call, our satisfaction comes from ensuring your property is safe, habitable and your drain and sewer systems are working as they were intended. Therefore, rest assured that our friendly local professional drainage engineers are always happy to take your call and ensure the safety of your property as quickly as possible. As you know, a plumber in Bristol is always happy to provide free advice for proper maintenance of your drains in Manchester, no matter the time of day or night!

So if you need round the clock blocked drain Bristol services, you should make your local blocked drain specialists your first point of call. With quick response times and efficient remedies, why would you go anywhere else?

Some everyday house hold tips on keeping free flowing pipes

There are a couple of things which you can take into account in your day to day life, and if placed in route you will be much less likely to meet with a blocked drain Bristol situation. With regular cleaning comes great merit, and with free flowing pipes there will be less frustration and keep unwanted smells away. So if you want to best avoid a blocked drain Bristol, then keep these little things in mind.

blocked drain bristolFirstly, after each use of your basins give it a quick rinse of water, hot water, especially in the kitchen where you may have used oil to cook, is more effective at keeping the oil running down the drain rather than sticking to the side surfaces and potentially cause issues. For blocked drain Bristol effective prevention can also be found in more old fashioned tips, like for instance using a hand full of baking soda. With the baking soda being such an efficient cleaning agent, it also helps remove any unwanted odours. For a blocked drain Bristol another tip in prevention is using vinegar. Pour a cup of vinegar down the drain every once in a while, let it sit for a minimum of half an hour, then rinse it with hot water. Vinegar is slightly acidic, and acts as an organic solvent for the organic build up in the pipes that can happen at some times.

These are just a couple of simple and easy to put into routine tips, which will help you keep your pipes as well as your daily usage of the facilities free flowing. For blocked drain Bristol these little actions are simple, take almost no energy and will at a very low cost keep your home running just that little bit smoother.


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 Avoid Bristol Blocked Drains by Regular Flushing

How can you avoid blocked drains in the first place.  Well, your shower and sink drains just need to be flushed regularly.  The householder can do this by using one of several methods.  One of the most ecologically sound methods is to use a bicarbonate of soda and vinegar solution.  Simply add the two together and send it down the drain from time to time.  This will keep your drain pipes nice and clean, as nature intended them to be.  See this video for the exact method:

If you are interested in more ecologically sound ways to prevent drain blockage then you might also be interested in another household product that can be also made without the use of harsh chemicals: dishwasher detergent.  I have embedded this video for you to look at.

Remember, any harsh chemicals you put down the drain enter the water supply so avoid them where possible and try to use natural alternatives to prevent pollution.