Tap Installation or Tap Repair

Are you having problems with your bathroom or kitchen taps? So you want to get some new taps installed or existing taps repaired? Below is a guide to tap replacement and repair.

That’s not a problem for us because we install new taps in houses and businesses every day of the week so whenever you’re having a problem with your tap make sure you contact us.

We can come and repair your tap the same day whatever type of tap you may have whether or not it is a mixer tap for example a pillar tap or perhaps you want a garden tap installed outside your house.

What type of Tap?

Typically most homes had pillar taps or single taps in their bathroom and kitchens however nowadays most people prefer to have mixer tap because the mixer tap mixers the hot water and the cold water for you which makes it much more convenient.

You might be wondering whether or not you would like to pick a mixer tap or go for the more traditional single tap or pillar tap so this ultimately is a preference for the customer.

Pillar Taps

If you think that most traditional kitchens and bathrooms had ‘single’ taps or ‘pillar’ taps. Basically one single hot tap and one single cold tap.

The only problem with these taps is that you can burn your hand when the water comes out too hot or during winter the water comes out of the cold tap and it is too cold.

white sinks with pillar taps

Most people for that reason choose to go for mixer taps however they still is in wide range of pillar taps available so if you choose to have a pillar tap installed or repaired that’s not a problem.

One of the advantages of the traditional pillar tap is that it is usually possible to fix the tap or carry out a repair to The Tap quite easily however the mixer taps often are little bit more difficult as the internal workings often require replacement rather than repair.

One other consideration with a pillar tap is that if you are using one of these pillar taps with a sink then it may be necessary to change the sink if you want to upgrade to a mixer tap so if you are happy using your pillar taps.

Maybe you even prefer to have the traditional single pillar tap because it is something that you prefer in your house then you can easily have one of these taps repaired or a new one purchased and installed in the place of your old tap.

Mixer Taps

Mixer taps are often the choice of most customers because people like the ability to mix the hot and cold water so they don’t burn themselves.

The mixer taps allow the mixed hot and cold water to flow out at the correct temperature already mixed inside the tap. They are usually referred to as either ‘mono mixer’ taps or ‘mono blocks’ or quite simply as ‘mixer taps’ and are available from High streets stores and reputable plumbing companies.

mixer tap on sink

Mixer taps are very easy to obtain nowadays and very cheap taps can be found to higher end more expensive and higher quality mixer taps. The quality, style and budget of the tap depends on the customer’s choice.

Should I use a quarter turn tap or a full turn tap?

Traditional single pillar taps used a spindle and washer system and this required the tap to be turned multiple times in order for the water to come out.

Nowadays a tap can usually be converted to a quarter turn tap that uses ceramic discs and the water can be turned on by using a simple quarter-turn which makes it easier. You can upgrade the old washer and spindle type to a quarter turn which gives the tap a lovely modern feeling.

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