Toilet Repair Today

We repair toilets fast. Whatever problem you’re having with the toilet do not fear.

We carry parts to repair almost any toilet so we can fix the job fast on the first visit. Don’t worry what type of toilet you have as we can come today and solve it for you.

Toilets are usually closed couple or free standing with push button or handle flushes. The toilet has a lot of moving parts in the cistern which can often go wrong

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Will I need a new toilet?

Probably not. We can usually replace parts so your old toilet will carry on serving you for many years to some. A good plumber in Bristol try to carry as many parts as possible so we don’t need to make two visits – we don’t want to waste time either and aim to have toilets repaired the same day and within the 1 hour slot for most toilets.

Toilet Repair Today
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