Installation of a New Outside Garden Tap

Have you ever thought about having an outside tap installed because if you do not have an outside garden tap installed you are missing on one of the most useful taps you can have.

outside garden tap

Why install an outside tap?

The garden outside tap because this allows you to have access to water for your gardening for your paddling pool or for washing the car with ease without having to carry buckets of water through your house.

The outside tap allows you to take water from your normal household water supply and place that on a tap which is outside of your house. And the job is very simple and usually takes us around 1-hour to complete so it is a very cheap option.

You can install a cold tap which is what most people have but then you can also install a hot tap which means that if you require outside hot water than you can also take this from the house supply which is extremely helpful if you would like to enjoy the luxury of hot water in your garden carried out by your local Bristol plumber.

Things to consider when installing an outside garden tap

Before you have an outside tap installed in your garden you may want to consider where you would like the tap to be because ideally you want the tap to be somewhere where it is very easy for you to access.

In addition to ease of access you also want to ideally take the water from somewhere in the house which has an accessible water supply as this makes the job much simpler.

This is usually on the other side of the wall from an internal copper pipe inside the house as this means we just need to drill through the wall and then attach a pipe to your existing water supply.

Do Outside taps Freeze in winter?

it is true that having an outside tap means that you have water outside your home which is exposed to freezing temperatures so it can often cause and issue if the freezing temperature causes the outside tap installation to freeze.

Sometimes this causes a leak to the pipe or the tab due to the frozen water in the pipe or the outside garden tap.

We therefore recommend that any outside exposed water pipes are lagged with insulation in order to stop the outside garden tap installation freezing.

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