Shower Problems

Quick shower replacements with our service

bristol quick shower replacements

If the shower is fed from the boiler then we can do the job. Things to consider…

If you have a standard relatively cheap shower then order a similar replacement shower from somewhere like Toolstation or send us a photo and we will bring one that’s similar.

What if your shower is built in to the wall or a more expensive shower? This will probably mean the cartridge will need to be changed as a more cost effective and simple solution.

If you know the model of the shower then you will be able to order a shower cartridge fairly easily. You can order a replacement online. What if you don’t know which cartridge to use because you don’t know which model shower you have? Try a company such as ShowerDoc who may be able to identify the cartridge as well.

Once you have the cartridge we can come the same day and complete the job which usually can be completed within the 1 hour labour slot.

If it is electric then you may need to contact a plumber who is qualified to fit electric showers as this requires part P certification which we do not offer at this time but hope to be offering this in 2022.

Relax, you can shower once again!

It’s easy to take such a thing as your morning or evening shower for granted, and it’s not until you no longer have it that you realise just how important it is. Your  service knows that a shower is not only about cleanliness and hygiene, but it helps your wake up, your routine, your feeling of freshness which brings your mind to a good way of starting the day and much more. Of course a morning shower has as much meaning and importance as you give it, and for many it’s a priceless convenience, pleasure and help in our busy everyday lives.

Should your shower be broken and in need of quick replacement, you can always get in touch with your shower installer, if you give us a call appointments can be made on short notice, and installation can be done as soon as the same day if circumstances allow.

Of course if you are thinking about a shower upgrade, for energy saving purposes or other, you can always speak to your  team and find out what there is available. Here we are dedicated to bringing you the best products, as well as the best value for money currently available on the market. So feel free to give us a call and speak to a shower expert today!

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