High Pressure Water Jetting

Drain Cleaning – High Pressure Water Jetting

High Pressure Water jetting can be used for both cleaning and cutting and has been around since the mid to late 1800s where it was originally used as a cleaning solution in the mining industry, and has since had tweaks and adjustments to make it suitable for cutting purposes in the steel industry, first appearing in the 1930s, much later than the original invention.

Now our drain van has high pressure jetting pump and engine in the back of the van so that we can bring the drain jetting drain service to you.

So what is High Pressure Water Jetting and why do we here at Bristol Plumbing and Blocked Drains use it? Well, High Pressure Water jetting (HPWJ) is the process of propelling high pressured high powered water streams with the intention of cleaning, which usually takes place around the 2000psi mark, or for cutting purposes where the pressures can reach and even exceed those of 20000 psi which would annihilate the human body and provides a super clean cut through sheets of steel.

When we use HPWJ to clear our drains we use anywhere between 2000-3000 psi to get through those pesky blockages but being careful not to exceed the latter as that might rupture or damage pipes.

There are two main reasons we’ll use HPWJ on tougher drains as a pose to other alternatives and these reasons are. Firstly with our HPWJ technology we’re able to reach any blockage without having to rip up pipes so as well as making HPWJ a lot less messy than other methods.

It also makes HPWJ a lot more cost effective as no replacements to pipes will be needed.


Secondly, HPWJ is environmentally friendly, we know that the average home owner hasn’t got the time to be as careful as they should be with regards to knowing what does and doesn’t go down your drain.

However certain companies use harsh and corrosive chemicals to get through blockages which then also run down your drain and into the sewer and so on. HPWJ uses only water at a high pressure which means the only thing going down your drain will be whatever was causing the blockage and fresh clean water. When you have a blockage don’t hesitate to call us and see what we can do for you!

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