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What plunger should I pick?

As well as your emergency plumber Bristol we also do day to day tasks such as repairs to toilets, taps, sinks and radiators. A known remedy for many home clogging issues is to make use of the tried and tested plunger. What plunger to pick is very much depending on the sink or in question.

For hygiene reasons it’s advisable to always use different plungers for your kitchen and bathroom, and to have a separate one for the toilet. They don’t take much space and are a relatively small investment to make sure that you have the right tool for the job should a nuisance block strike.

To save you some confusion and give you some direction whilst out deciding on what plunger you should pick. Here’s a breakdown of the three most common ones.

What plunger should I buyThe cup plunger, the model which comes to mind directly when anyone utters the word. Wood handle with a red rubber cup at the end of it. Sometimes called sink saver. This is the basic model and is great all around. This plunger is a great pick for regular kitchen sink needs and other drains which have a relatively flat surface to work with. Such as your shower or your bath drain.

Toilet specific plungers look like the basic type with a protruding nozzle. This is to help it get a good seal around the opening. This type is far superior to the basic model for that specific job.  Accordion plungers look like you would imagine. A plunger merged with an accordion. This often plastic variety is easy to use and suitable for a range of smaller clogs. They are versatile and doesn’t require you to exhaust yourself when using it. This is an effective model and you should pick this plunger for your general kitchen and bathroom needs.

You can find more information on how to unblock a toilet here.

We hope this helped you with what plunger you should pick. If you have further questions or need more information feel free to ring us at any time.


Fittings, taps, sinks; in detail, to perfection with plumber Bristol professionals

There is no such thing as a job half way done for the skilled and perfectionist crew that works here. Why repair or install something in the first place if it’s not made to last. Longevity and flow for your pipes is a principal that runs through all of our business and our practice. Speak to our friendly and skilled plumbers today to find what you need.

Innovation and fitting with plumber BristolIn detail, no matter the job. Perfection is what we aim for. Repair and replacement of your fittings. Understanding that the work that we do is something that affects your day to day. The taps we install, the showers we fit and the drains we clear. Are all there to provide free flow and a frustration free day to day life for you.

Reliable quick assistance in case of emergency is also available with plumber Bristol technicians. Our crew is caring, friendly and treat your pipes and drains as our own. You can find help with heating, radiators, full installations of heating systems and boilers and more. The same goes for bathrooms, kitchens and all other services. Plumbing is what we do best, and plumber Bristol assistants is flexible in approach and work with you, For you.

No job is too little or large. Clear communication, clear quotes and clear pipes are guaranteed with your plumber Bristol professional. Why not test our services out for yourself. See for yourself why so many local businesses, organisations and home owners pick us to for their every need. High quality, long lasting, merit based and for your convenience. Plumber Bristol is dedicated and passionate about your plumbing. Find personal service, easy to understand prices and great products and advice with a plumber Bristol now.

Can ready plumber Bristol professionals help me find my affordable dream bathroom?

A factor that stops many in the midst of their update and refurbishment plans is the factor of cost. It is no secret that a new bathroom doesn’t come free. However, with local skilled professionals in plumber Bristol plumbing industries by your side. You’ll find yourself surprised at the low prices available here. Skilled engineers who can find your affordable dream bathroom installation or refurbishment for you are available at your convenience. What’s more, is that we are ready to start work immediately, meaning that your upgrade may be just around the corner. And much closer in time than you could have ever imagined.

Find your dream bathroom with plumber Bristol installers nowAffordability is key, and you are deserving of your new installation. Not only because you’ve waited, wanted and planned it for so long. But also because you’ve worked hard. Remembering that bathroom renewals only add value to your home. A plumber Bristol specialist who know where to look. Knows how to bring you the best deals in your interest area.

Of course you can always get in touch with skilled plumber Bristol professionals who can help answer your questions and help get you on the right first. The first step towards your bathroom refurbishment and your home renewal awaits. A simple call is all you need. Speak to skilled professionals in plumber Bristol areas now by calling above.

The comforts and conveniences of good mixers, the luxurious feel of fresh tiles and waterproofing your bathroom fully give you the freedom to splash without worries. Are all things which are available affordably to you. Speak to a skilled plumber Bristol bathroom specialist now. And let us help you take the first step in the rejuvenating journey towards a new bathroom, wetroom or a refurbishment to refresh your everyday life.

How do I bleed my radiators?

For the efficiency of your boiler and heating system to be maxed out. You need to ensure that your setup works without clogged veins. Like any machinery your heating will work best when well maintained. You can call on a professional at any time for help. The number above puts you in touch with the boiler and heating service or advice you need.

To bleed your radiators first you have to find out which ones. You can easily find out though putting your heating on. Wait for it to warm up. Then check with your hands, carefully. To find out where there may be air. Any pockets of non fluid will result in a cold patch on your radiator.

Use a radiator key to bleed your radiatorsWhen finding a cold spot mark it down for a bleed. It’s important that you turn your system completely off before doing anything. Leave it to cool as to avoid danger of burning yourself. If you do this well in time before it’s cold outside. You’ll also save yourself the inconvenience being cold during the process.

Make use of the radiator key to bleed your radiators. Be prepared with clothes or tissue paper and something to catch the water. Insert and turn the radiator key counterclockwise to allow the fluid to escape. You might hear a hissing sound as the air escapes. Once the air pocket has been removed close the valve again.

If you are inexperienced with bleeding radiators. Ask someone who has done it before to assist you. You can also get in touch with our professionals at any time for assistance with heating. A regular maintenance check for your heating system will include a bleed of any radiators that need it. Call and book a time that suits you now. Be prepared and sort your heating out before you need it. September is a good month to have your boiler pressure checked. And your radiators brought up to perfect running order.

A professional Bristol plumber

One of the most common problems a local plumber Bristol encounters is slow draining plugholes. These can either be in your bathroom and kitchen sinks, your shower or your bath. Wherever the plughole is located, having a slow running sink or bath tub is an inconvenience no one should have to put up with.

A slow plughole in either your bath or shower tends to be – unsurprisingly – because of hair clogging up the drain. Now you don’t have to panic, you’re not going to have to shave all your hair off to solve the problem! Sometimes it’s a case that you do not even have to try and remedy the problem with a complicated technique. Sometimes the hair clogging up the plughole is actually located at the top of the equipment and easily accessible. In this situation you can even use your hand to scoop it out and dispose of it a in waste bin. If it is not clear where the blockage is, it’s likely to be further down the drain which means you’re going to need to put something down it to try and break the blockage up. Most people automatically think that bleach is the answer. While bleach does prove effective, it can have a damaging effect on the health of your drains if not diluted properly. As such, we tend to recommend attempting the baking soda method. You first pour a cup of baking soda down the drain, followed by a cup of vinegar. The two chemicals react and have proven effective at breaking up the hair and grease in the drain to allow the water to run fully again.

When it comes to both the kitchen and bathroom you should definitely consider investing in preventative solutions too. A drain protector in either your kitchen sink or in your bathroom helps catch any dirt, hair or food from going down the drain. This allows you to easily dispose of the waste in a bin and ensure the longevity of your drainage systems.

You’ll find that your Bristol plumber team are always happy to offer you advice on maintaining your plumbing systems, free of charge. For larger problems that need a quick and sure fast remedy, make sure you call a friendly Bristol plumber today!

Commercial plumbing with your local Bristol plumber

Everyone understands the importance of maintaining their domestic plumbing. After all, a failure to take proper care of your drainage and heating systems can lead to extensive problems such as property damage from leaks. Commercial properties tend to represent a different set of challenges to domestic ones as they vary in type and nature far more. We understand that issues with plumbing in the home and at your place of work can occur at any point in time and as such, you need a team that’s able to respond at any point in time. That’s why no matter what property has the plumbing issue, your emergency plumber Bristol can be at any property no matter what time of day or night you call.

Commercial premises are incredibly varied. Thankfully, all our expert plumbers are highly-trained and have years of experience in tackling plumbing issues in hotels, warehouses, office blocks and restaurants to name but a few. We understand the importance of quickly rectifying plumbing issues at your business premises as very often a failure to do so can have a detrimental impact on your business. It is not uncommon for restaurants, clubs and bars to be forced to shut down because of flooding or faulty heating systems. This should not have to be the case, which is why your local plumber Bristol is open 24/7 to meet your every need and demands, especially in times of emergency. It is also wise for businesses which are customer-facing to book regular maintenance appointments with our specialist plumbing team. We are sensitive to needs of your business and can arrange an appointment at a time that is convenient for you to ensure the smooth running of your restaurant, bar or club.

Of course, our works for commercial premises are not solely repair orientated; we also complete plumbing installations. For example, all our plumbers are qualified to install high-end shower systems in your hotel, the heating and water system at in your new restaurant, and even the disabled toilet in your ground floor office. No matter what the work may be, give us a call today and one of our friendly local plumbers will be able to give you quote for any works and guarantee to be at your property within half an hour of your call should you have an emergency plumbing matter.

The perfect bathroom deserves the perfect bathtub from your local plumber Bristol

The bathroom is not just the place for cleaning and cleansing yourself, it is also the best place in any house for relaxation. Having a good bath can be the difference between a house and a home. After all, what’s better than coming back after a long day at work, drawing yourself a hot bath and soaking for hours on end.

Therefore, the most important part is getting the water flowing into the bath in the first place. The plumbing required depends on the type of bathtub you want installed. Luckily for the people of Bristol, all our expert plumbers have years of experience in working with different types of tubs and bathrooms across the city. Clawfoot and freestanding bathtubs can present a challenge to some plumbers because there is nowhere above ground to hide the plumbing. This doesn’t matter for any of our expert plumbers who understand how to get the perfect finish to create the bathroom of your dreams. Then of course, everyone knows alcove bathtubs. These are comparatively simple to install and we will always make sure to work with any materials you have specifically requested to ensure the finish you desire. We only use the finest materials for the best prices to help you achieve the bathroom of your dreams. You’ll realise that it doesn’t have to cost a small fortune and you can finally achieve the height of relaxation that you’ve yearned after for so long.

Of course, a highly-trained plumber Bristol is capable of completing any related installations in the bathroom too. If you’re renovating the entire room and need your plumbing removed and refitted for a toilet, sink or radiator, then make sure you call us today for a free, no-obligation quote and an estimate of how long the work would take to complete.

Bathroom dreams come true with plumber Bristol

Bathroom dreams come true with plumber BristolWhen young we are often encouraged to dream big, and with age we fall out of the habit as life makes itself clear. And even if you will perhaps not become the astronaut you thought, there are some dreams that are within your grasp, and perhaps much closer than you could imagine. Plumber Bristol are speaking of course about home making dreams, and dream bathrooms and wet rooms. Call the always available number above to get the ideas, quotes, advice and installations you need, and be surprised by the affordable, yet beautiful dream bathroom solutions available now.

If your dream has not yet crystallised and you are unsure of what you are after you can speak to the specialists about this as well, with a professional plumber Bristol with a sense of design and aesthetics on top of the regular pragmatic quotidian view we hold, you will no doubt have the creative juices flowing and the ideas rolling in left right and centre. A call is not a contract, and if you are just curious to how we can help you feel free to get in touch for the chat that can make your dreams come true today.

The bathroom is at the centre of your home, and above its utility there is also a lot of potential for enjoyment and rejuvenation. Call plumber Bristol for inspiration, answers and quotes now, and remember that the number is available for plumber emergencies at all time should you ever find yourself in a flooding situation. Bathrooms and plumbing is the passion of the workers here, and helping your dreams to reality is just part of what makes our job a privilege, feel free to lift that receiver or press that dial button now.
Everyday Plumbers Bristol operate within a 10 mile radius of 63 Sommerville Rd, Bristol, BS7 9AD Tel: 0117 239 1217

Out of hours service from your rapid plumber Bristol

call your reliable plumber bristol service at an hourThere are few things as beautiful as a good plumbing system to the workmen members that work under this roof. We are always exploring the world of pipes and plumbing, and with many years experience following many years of training, coupled with having helped a countless number of homes and individuals to a better flow, we would like to send out a message to you. We want to be sure that you are aware that you can call us at any time. Having a wonderful plumber Bristol service who knows what they are doing ready and available at the end of your telephone line when you need it the most, is something you will never regret. Save our number, and retain the access. Here we never sleep, and are always ready to get to you, even if hours are out of the ordinary. Your empathetic plumber Bristol service understands how stressful a plumbing disaster can be, and we come to your aid with pleasure, as helping people is one of the things which we find the most work pleasure in. With our boys you will also be sure to have the skill, knowledge, tools and many of the spare parts you need ready to be employed at your issue. We’ve gained a great reputation of speed and quality, working diligently to supply you with both when it comes to your pipes, plumbing and all things adjacent. Heating, showers, drain issues, burst pipes and emergencies, no matter what your issue may be, the individuals here is ready to jump in the deep end and ensure that you get back into perfect flow and rhythm as soon as possible.

Freshen up your home with sparkling new bathroom designs with your plumber Bristol experts

get up to date with style with your plumber BristolThe perfect solution for you, the customer, that is the mission for the people here every time we start a new and exciting project. And when you get in touch with this crew of bathroom and home improvement enthusiasts you will be sure to find both the ideas, the installation work and the price that you like here. Call now to find out more about how your plumber Bristol can help you with the home improvement you currently have in mind. Anything from small to huge jobs are welcome and working hard for you, at high pace, with focus and efficiency, is part of the perks of the job for us. Being able to help people improve upon their home situation and home comforts is something that brings the plumber Bristol great joy and if you call now you can have that initial conversation where you hopefully will find both the courage and the gusto to embark on your home improvement project. Although your plumber Bristol can help you with the grand dreams, make no mistake, here at your service for your tap fixing change, for your wash basin repair, for your new shower installation, for your partial bathroom installation and refurbishment, it doesn’t matter. Your plumber Bristol is always happy to assist with what you need, on your terms, and with your decisions and best interest in mind. Of course your plumber Bristol is available and always on standby to be able to assist should you ever find yourself in the need of an emergency plumber. Make sure that you save the plumber Bristol’s number now, and you’ll never be without the emergency service you need should there be an urgent flood or drainage issue.

Your plumber Bristol specialist resolves any drain issue

Your plumber Bristol drain specialist with the right toolsReliable, quick and friendly service from a staff dedicated to free flow and your pipes is what you will experience when you employ us to resolve your drain problem. You can call at any time for emergencies and we’ll be on site to assist in no time at all. Emergencies arise when you least expect it which can have devastating effects on your day to day life, this especially if you are running a business reliant on clear drains. Call now to find the help you need or to book in with a plumber Bristol for any of the many other services we provide. Flexibility, both in work hours and when on the task of pipe problem solving is key and long years of training and experience in the field will get to the root of your issue to provide long term solutions and build long term customer relationships. If there is anything you are wondering about or need to ask a specialist, dial our number and the answers you seek will surface. Let your drain issues be a problem of the past by letting your dedicated plumber Bristol service handle your pipes, we guarantee great service, competitive and clear prices as well as long life solutions for all repairs and installations. Only great products and work of the highest standard is to be expected by the hard workers here. Call us now to find out more.

Shower installations and more with Bristol plumbers

Long gone are the days when the bath was the sole means of relaxation. In the modern era the shower is increasingly being used as a means of relaxation as well as a means of simply cleaning. For years our highly-trained plumbers have been assisting the people of Bristol with a variety of shower installations to suit their particular needs.

When it comes to installing electric showers, all our plumbers are Part P Defined Scope qualified meaning that you can be sure your solution will be from an expertly trained professional. Of course, our work is not simply limited to electrical installations, far from it. All our plumbers have the experience and training to complete any installation. If you have a shower-bath, we can assist you with installing a manual mixer shower and which attaches to your hot and cold water supply already in your bathroom. We can then recommend a brand, style and finish that suits your desires. With years of experience working with trusted brands such as Triton, Mira, Grohe, Bristan etc., you can be sure that we will be know the perfect solution to fulfil your shower dreams.

Of course, all our local Bristol plumbers are very proud of all the work they complete. We have a very basic standard at Everyday Plumbers Bristol: do unto others as you’d do unto yourself. In other words, we know we would want a high quality product and finish at our property, so we know you would want one too. That’s why all our plumbers carry out installations efficiently and effectively to ensure that your shower is installed and raring to go as soon as possible. However, as with any plumbing work, the installation is only half the job. The part which is almost as important is the finish. After all, what good is a working shower if it makes your shower room look shoddy and unwelcoming; this is the place you want to relax! All our professional plumbers can complete all installations to whatever finish you desire and we’ve no doubt that at the end of the job, you’ll understand why the reputation of Everyday Plumbers Bristol is so high.

Call us today for a free, no-obligation quote and we can arrange a date for installation at a time convenient for you.

Fast response times with your local Bristol plumber

In times of emergency people often worry whether someone is going to able to see to them quickly. Then there is the fear that if that is the case, are they going to be charged a premium for the luxury. Most of the time customers are understanding of this pricing structure. After all, the problem will only be more expensive to remedy if it’s not dealt with immediately. However, at Everyday Plumbers Bristol we like to do things a little bit differently. We have a wide range of capable staff spread throughout Bristol meaning we will always have some in your local neighbourhood that’s able to respond to you. Only if our staff are fully booked, will we ever ask for a contribution towards some form of compensation if we drop routine work for other customers to come to your assistance. This is usually a fund that’s passed directly to other customers to compensate them for delays on their work.

By having a team of highly-trained plumbers, with access to the latest tools and technology, spread throughout the city of Bristol and the surrounding areas, we are able to respond to any and all plumbing emergencies whenever they strike. That means it doesn’t matter what time of day or night any of the following occur: leaking boiler; leaking faucets or pipes; radiator leak; burst pipes. Whatever the problem may be, our team of expert plumbing professionals will be able to respond to the problem. If you give us a call, you’ll be greeted by one of our friendly, local plumbers who can diagnose the problem for you on the phone, there and then. We will then offer you a free, no-obligation quote, which if you choose to accept, will be honoured and we can be at any property within half an hour of your call. This means that whenever trouble strikes, the risk of damage to your property will be minimised by our fast response times which allow us to attend the scene quicker than any competitors. When you factor in that this remains the case whatever time of day or night, you’ll be happy to have chosen a 24/7 plumber Bristol.

Clear Plumbing Pricing

gold tapsWhen you call me I will ask you the nature of the job and give you a price.  Simple. Anything Plumber Bristol related is my speciality – new bathrooms. All jobs welcome. “When you need a quality plumber Bristol who can take care of every aspect of plumbing, domestic or commercial then you should certainly call a top plumber Bristol. As an experienced plumber I can tell a good tradesmen and their plumbing provide exactly that. Don’t waste your time with a who doesn’t get the job done right first time”. Dave White. Customer service is very important to me.  I believe that the best marketing for any business is happy customers.  If you need a new bathroom I can arrange all aspects of the job from the purchase of materials to the disposal of waste and rubble. I will also ensure that the rubbish is disposed of in such a way that the waste is disposed of in a way that the majority of waste is recycled.  When we complete a large plumbing project we ensure that all aspects are dealt with carefully. Professional plumbing, complete project management and responsible waste management. Click here for our recommended locksmiths partners who we strongly receommend for all emergency lock work. Free no obligation plumbing quotes. Telephone: 0117 239 1217. Perhaps you need a shower fitted because your old shower is not working properly. Perhaps there is a leaking tap that has been bothering you for ages but you haven’t got around to fixing it. Maybe it’s that sink in the bathroom that you keep ignoring despite your best efforts to fix it. Perhaps you need a new bath because your current bath has too many scrapes now. (Click the links if you also want to see my brand suggestions):

Our Plumber Bristol is recommended by Professional Plumber

We are proud to say that we have also been receommended a  in Bristol due to our years of experience without breaking the bank of our customers.  Don’t despair!  We can solve all of your needs for a plumber from little leaks to brilliant bathroom installation. Friendly service with a smile. Why pay more for Plumber Bristol? All Plumbing jobs are welcome, however big or small.

Summer Plumbing

Call anytime to get those plumbing jobs done.  Summer  is the time of year when many people will get many of those outstanding DIY jobs done.  You might also need a plumber to help you get the job done.  Call me anytime and I´ll be only too happy to help. Summer or Winter! We recently attended a plumbing job for a lady who was about to get married. Her kitchen tap was leaking and she didn’t want her house to  get wet! She called her local plumber Bristol.

Plumber for everyday Plumbing Bristol

As local plumber Bristol we provide everyday plumbing services for domestic and commercial properties. If it is a leak or a new tap that is required, if it is a blockage or a new sink needs to be installed. With our recommending Plumbing Partners around the country you know your in safe hands.  We’re the best answer when you need to repair a leak or install a bathroom or kitchen. If you need a professional in town to complete your everyday repairs or install your new taps and sinks, make sure you call us for all your plumbing!. No job to small and all our plumber Bristol prices are reasonable.

kitchen or bathroom?

Have some free advice from a Bristol plumber.  If the kitchen or bathroom sink is full you might like to try filling a 2 litre plastic bottle of water and squeezing it as hard as possible down the sink – often works! Or go to my page for other  DIY plumber’s tips including video. If this doesn’t work then it might be time to give us a call.

Fully qualified Plumber wherever you are

plumber bristolBased in Bristol we offer in addition to all local areas the outer parts of the city.: Telephone: 0117 239 1217

No problem for Plumber Bristol

bristol-plumber-smelly-drain Are there unpleasant smells coming from the sink? If the sink in the kitchen is giving off bad smells then this could be a good time to get the pipes flushed through before they block with grime and waste. Don’t ignore those bad smells – flush the drains. After a nightmare plumbing situation you might end up needing some assistance so make sure we take the stress out of your plumbing woes.  If the water is running away slowly it could be that the pipes problematic or the external soil stack cracked?  Eventually most slow running water will start to spill over – avoid this happening and let your Plumber Bristol deal with those jobs you’d rather not do! We are more than happy to deal with small plumbing jobs around the area. Is the bathroom in need of some attention. Perhaps a new bathroom suite to give a fresh clean look.  Plumber Bristol are happy to advise you in relation to your plumbing requirements.  We have years of experience to make sure you get the right plumber. Call 07871819572 now for a quality plumber to get the job done efficiently, professionally and affordably.

Unblocking Drains – plumbing Bristol problems

drain plumber bristolI am often called to plumbing jobs around the area.  This might be an outside drain, a bathroom drain or a kitchen drain. Maybe it’s a garden tap or the drain in the garden. Usually this is a result of grime building up in the drains and a lack of drain maintenance that would usually involve regular flushing to keep the drains clear. But let’s be honest, who usually remembers to flush the drains with all of the other things we have to do?  But don’t despair. I have lots of experience of unblocking internal and external drains and will make sure yours are dealt with efficiently and quickly. I can often unblock most external drains much cheaper than some of the larger drain unblocking companies who seem to charge a real premium for this plumber’s service.  Call me before calling a more expensive drain unblocking company and you could save hundreds!

Local Plumber Bristol for local plumbing jobs –

Make sure you choose a local plumber. Support the local economy and businesses. A local plumber will also travel less distance resulting in less mileage.

How to clear a Blocked Drain with Bristol Plumber

If you have a blocked drain the chances are you are going to try and fix it by yourself before calling a professional. And that is more than OK! There are many easy home remedies for blocked drains which we at Bristol Plumber are about to share with you. But if none of these work for you, or you think the problem is particularly large, then it’s definitely time to call in the professionals and not have to face the horrors of plumbing alone. Whether your blocked drain is the kitchen sink, or a shower drain, try the following methods to remove the blockage.

plunger bristol plumberCaustic Soda can be poured down a drain to help remove any buildup inside it. Be cautious here and follow the instructions and warnings on the package as this chemical is corrosive, and do not let children near while you are doing this. Another method you can try is to simply plunge the drain. Make sure you cover the overflow to allow the plunger to work to maximum benefit, and plunge away at the drain. This may dislodge the blockage but may result in the blockage simply moving further down the pipe, so do this at your own risk. If you have easy access to the pipes from the drain, for example the U-bend for your sink, then in some cases you can unscrew the pipe and manually remove the blockage. This only works with blockages in the U-bend themselves, most often seen in kitchens and caused by a buildup of food. But watch out, as whatever nasty stuff is causing the blockage (and any backed up water) will come shooting out once you remove the U-bend! In order to not face this possibility, it is best to call a professional to do the dirty work for you. If none of these have worked then it is time to call Bristol Plumber now, and we will have your drains unblocked in no time.

Water Filtration for your Water

Water_filter-plumbing-diagramHave you considered plumbing in a water filter. Have you noticed that your water is causing dryness to your hair and skin resulting in extra visits. Regardless of the results, many people do not like the taste of the water and believe it is still too contaminated. There are various water filter systems available.  Do your research.  I have placed a video on the right and there is lots of information on the internet.  Once you’ve decided which system suits you best, give me a call and I can plumb it in for you. Many people are rightly concerned by the quality of their water supply as it often contains impurities. A water filter can remove many of these unwanted impurities such as chlorine, lead and mercury. Don’t get locked out of the best drinking water.. The taste of the water can also be improved.  There are several systems available, for example, an under the sink, whole mains supply systems that filter all of your water or shower head filters that simply screw on to the shower head.. I am more than happy to install the system of your choice.