How do I unblock my toilet?

A blockage where it makes the largest difference to your daily life can be a real nuisance. It causes great inconvenience at best. A health risk at worst. A blocked toilet is a serious issues which need instant attention from plumbers in my area. It’s not an issue one should ever close the door to.

How do I unblock my toiletIf your situation is one that needs advice on how you unblock your toilet. The fastest and most foolproof way to rid yourself of the problem is to get in touch with a drain clearance service. Our skilled technicians are available and ready at any time. Equipped with the tools to handle any block. You can call at any hour.

But if you are not quite at that stage. And would like to try a few ways to unblock your toilet yourself. Here follows some easy to follow instructions that might be of assistance.

Helping you Heat your Home

your plumber bristol helping you keep your home warmIn the midst of spring it’s easy to get excited and underestimate the temperature drop to come when the night falls. This is something that your team are very understanding of, simply as we are also greatly excited by the coming season. The reason we bring this up is that with these times there is also and influx of cold and flu symptoms which of course is nothing out of the ordinary, and nothing dangerous, but something to be aware of. Extra important in this season then becomes keeping warm enough, giving your body time to relax and rest in the comfort of your home, to ensure that your immune system keeps strong, and you can carry on with your important tasks as you were. If you are having issues with your heating at home it can not only be an inconvenience for your senses, but also for your general day to day running. Speaking will help you in taking the next step on getting things resolved. If you are giving thought to a bit of luxury in the form of underfloor heating, you will also find the expertise you seek with the wonderful team here. With many innovative solutions and ideas and a bundle of experience with different heating solutions, you can trust to know the field, and coupled with the strong customer service focus the team also holds, you will struggle to find anyone more suiting for the job. With competitive prices, great service, and heating solutions to suit your particular situation, routine and home you simply cannot go wrong. Get in touch today with your questions and get a high value, fair, honest and transparent quote for the work you need!

With the right tools at hand

your great and lovely plumber bristol teamIf you are searching for a service which is close by, quick to respond, always available, and who puts your requirement as their highest priority, ensure that you get in touch with the team that works hard here. Day and night, we are ready and available for your emergencies, as well as always remaining flexible and intuitive in how we perform our jobs. We’ll come to your home at a time that works with your clock, we’re always happy to have clear conversations and give clear advice and quotes. For us, a great job done is one which involves also customer satisfaction and understanding, which is why we are always there to inform as your personal expert. Feel free to give us a call right away, and if you are in an emergency scenario we’ll be on the way, straight away. That is a promise. We are here to assist and by helping others is how we derive our own work pleasure and value. Should you in the current be stuck with an issue that needs a specialist then call us now. Or perhaps you are just looking around and would like a quotation for the work you require, with this quick and clear , a competitive quote is only a phone call away. So don’t put something as important or longed for off as having your plumbing sorted or your bathroom refurbished, these things will only add value to your life and you may as well do them sooner rather than later. Speak with the lovely here to find out more on your situation and your options.

On the lookout for mould

keep your bathroom free from mould with a plumber bristol specialistThe merry team hard at work here are always looking for ways to help you improve your situation at home, and to your attention we would like to bring the importance of keeping vigilant in spotting mould. The caring knows that not only can it post an annoyance for you as the one having to look at it and clean it, but it can also pose a health hazard if breathed in often. So if you find yourself often scrubbing excess of mould off in any area of your home, an investigation of why that is, should be in order. In bathroom areas often there is an issue with ventilation, or surfaces are not suitable for the humid conditions. Getting in touch with will help you find a better bathroom solution for your issue. In some more extreme cases, visible and recurring mould can be caused by a leak in the pipework, and if this is something that you expect, don’t hesitate to call us right away. Leaks can lead to long term damage which exceeds the inconvenience of a mouldy patch somewhere, and it’s highly important to ensure that the issue is resolved. Call experts now to speak to us about your concerns. And don’t forget, you can call us at any time for any service you are in need of, 24 hours a day we are ready for emergency situations and in our day to day we are flexible to fit in work and appointments around your convenience and your day plan.

Two in one kettle and pipe cleaning with Redland Plumbing

plumber Bristol kettle and pipe cleaningThere are a few home remedies which have been passed down for many generations which are still applicable and a good idea to apply today as well. When it comes to keeping nice clean pipes, the old fashioned baking soda and vinegar works a treat, however white vinegar mixed with just boiling water will also have a great effect. A provider who knows how great free flow in your home pipes will have a positive effect on you, as it will cause you less stress, worry and frustration over slow drainage. If you need more help and tips on what you can do to ensure that your pipes flow freely, and you would like to speak to provider who knows the strains that a family home puts on the pipes. You can always feel free to get in touch with a pipe expert at any time. What would suggest in this case, is to give your electric kettle a clean whilst you’re at it. All you need to do is add white vinegar at the bottom of your kettle, about enough to cover the coils which boils the water is enough. After that you fill the kettle to maximum capacity, put to boil, and when it’s done, straight away use the same boiling water and vinegar solution to give some attention to a drain in need of it. After this first lot of boiling water and vinegar has been poured down the chosen drain, a  kettle once more, at full capacity with just water, to ensure that you get rid of the vinegar smell. And if you have any further questions on pipe cleaning or preventing blocked drains and would like to speak to a friendly and, please feel free to dial our number today

Saving energy and water, tips

plumber bristol saving waterWith the times it’s becoming increasingly more important to keep a thought on sustainability and making sure that we don’t live a wasteful lifestyle. Not only due to the fact that it’s something that the planet and the country needs in order to work towards a sustainable and maintainable future for coming generations. But also due to the fact of simple economics. We would always advice any of our customers of the benefits towards trying to make a home of as little waste as possible. There are many ways in the home in which one could make little savings from little or no financial investments. Things like fitting good shower heads, reusing water within the home, say for instance the drainage water being used for the toilet flush etc. Are things that we highly recommend, and stand for. If you need to speak to us to discuss what can be done in your home to make your carbon footprint smaller as well as your water rates bill lower, please feel free to get in touch with our dedicated team today.

Keeping your shower head at even distribution

plumber bristol clean shower headSomething that can greatly inhibit the experience of your morning shower, is that of a clogged up shower head. With time sediment and layers of mineral build up in and around your shower head, which can cause both the water to mix unevenly as well as make the flow uneven and difficult to use.  I know that most people don’t have 20 minutes extra in the morning to spend on trying to get their shampoo out of their hair. So what we would suggest is some maintenance and cleaning work. Once a month remove the shower head from its fixing, use pliers and cover the metal with a town or cloth as to not damage the finish of the metal. I recommend soaking the shower head in vinegar over night, and after, rinse and scrub with a little brush, also scrub and remove any sediment that you can see on the pipe itself. Then all you need to do is reattach using the reverse process, and as per frequency suggests to do this once a month to keep a nice even flow in the mornings.

Combi-boilers, efficient and convenient ways to live

plumber bristol combi boilerA choice for many these days when they are replacing the heating system in their homes is that of getting a combi-boiler installed. This is a good choice as the modern boilers provide a much better all-round heating system for homes. With more efficient ways to heat water instantly, mean that you will be able to have convenience as well as efficiency and economy. So if you are in the midst of choosing a boiler for your new home, why not make it a combi-boiler. If you feel the need for any advice, we are happy to provide you with information on what type of models there are and that type might be right for your home. Plus, we can provide quick installation. With the reliable and skilled team here, you can’t go wrong, we are with our customers from start to finish, and we never leave a job until everything is working as smooth as can be. All our members of staff are highly-trained and happy to take your call, no matter what questions you may have.

Make sure you stay clear of frozen pipes this Winter

plumber bristol insulating outdoor pipesCurrently the temperatures are still dropping with each passing day as we move closer and closer to the end the year. The first thing you should do is make sure that the pipes in need of insulation are insulated, by this we mean any pipes that run outside of the building, pipes that run though your loft or your basement that are exposed to colder areas of the house that may not benefit from the regular insulation. For us this also includes pipes that run though the ground at a shallow level where frost can still reach, and freezing temperatures can cause a plumbing issue. And if you have any further concerns or questions on what you can do to prevent plumbing issues this winter, please feel free to get in touch as we are always happy to help with our knowledge and expertise.

Cleaning your aerator

plumber bristol aeratorIf you notice that the water pressure seems low from the tap, and the flow of water from your kitchen sink is not as it was a couple of months ago. There may be a build up of lime and sediments in your aerator, which may cause reduced flow. Cleaning this is fairly straight forward: firstly you need remove the aerator from the faucet, simply unscrew it in a counter clockwise direction. A wise tip to remember in this instance is that if you find that it’s stuck, make sure you cover it with masking tape, and use pliers to unscrew it. You can then most commonly separate the parts of the aerator and clean the individually before mounting the same way you removed it. There are of course many products available for cleaning, but what we suggest is an inexpensive small brush, like a toothbrush, dipped in vinegar which will do the trick nicely.

Let us help you install the shower of your dreams

plumber bristol shower sprayWhen it comes to something so enjoyable which for many is used on a daily basis, it’s worth spending a little extra to get the ideal scenario for you. Everyone enjoys their morning, daytime and evening showers, and the fresh feeling after a nice shower is something that everyone can relate to. There are of course other benefits than just the feeling to giving some extra thought what type of shower you would like to install. Selecting the correct shower head will help you ensure that you enjoy an even distribution of spray or droplets, and with the right choices made there is only rinse and no need to repeat – saving time and money! Any one of our experts can help you find the best green and economical shower head which will not only save on water and water heating bills, but also help reduce your carbon footprint. So speak to one of our highly trained professionals today to discuss your own dream shower, and make waking up and having a shower every day a joy.

Fast response times from the plumbing experts

plumbers bristol runningOf course all of the team members here are dedicated to ensure your convenience. As such, we never trivialise plumbing issues, not even the small ones as they are often the cause or symptom of a bigger issue. So if you have any concerns with regards something to your own home plumbing please get in touch with us today and let us advise you on what the best next step to take is. And should you ever find yourself in a situation where you are in need of a service, fast, then rest assured that you can just pick up the phone and we will be on the job straight away. We understand that there are many potential factors in any type of water related issue, and the damage that standing water can cause to your property and to your things can incur great cost if not sorted immediately. So if you ever find yourself in an emergency situation, give us a call, and we can guarantee we will be there in no time fully equipped to handle any type of plumbing issue and prevent long term damage to your home and belongings.

What’s the history of plumbing?

plumber bristol egyptMost commonly on our website we provide our customers, our community and anyone else who may be interested with tips on how to keep your own home plumbing running smoothly, and give you some tips on what you can do should you face any plumbing issues. What we want to show you know is some fun history about plumbing, more specifically how far back in history it actually goes. Things that we find interesting and hope that are interesting to you as well. As early as about 2500 B.C. it’s been found that Egyptians used many different ways of drainage which is an early form of plumbing. It has been found that it was used for purification rituals, and in rituals associated with the burial of diseased kings. In their structures it can be seen that they were adept to the methods, and used natural flow and water pressure, gravity and many of the structures were advanced enough to suggest a very good understanding of the physical mechanics of the constructions.

Get out of bed for a good shower head

plumber bristol shower headSomething that we here in shop are often thinking of and always keeping in mind is a sustainable way of living. This is the reason to why we want to make sure that you give some thought to what type of shower head you are using currently. Here in shop we see that this is one of the little things that can quite easily get forgotten about, and something that can be left on hold for a long time. So we would like to remind you of the actual benefits of getting a good shower head. Firstly of course there is the saving of water, but also the time needed to get a good clean is greatly reduces, as is the comfort of having a shower in the current colder times. A good stylish, and efficient shower head is not something that has to break the budget, plus you will make it back on the saving of water in no time at all. And if you have any questions or thoughts, get in touch with one of our friendly plumbing professionals today.

Sink positive

plumber bristol sink positiveHere in our little local shop we are always aware of our own sustainability, and want to work for a cleaner and better way forward. This is why the team thought it would be a good idea to let you know of this wonderful invention being a sink which reuses the hand wash water for the toilet reservoir. With our focus on green and environmental plumbing, we see this as a very good option for those looking for a greener way forward. It’s a simple easy installation process, just a matter of rerouting the water though through the sink. On top of that, it’s also a very compact way of installing a sink at the top of the toilet. We see this type of solution ideal for bathrooms that may also have limited space. If you have any questions with regards to this, or any other plumbing issue you may have, feel free to give the lovely team of plumbing professionals local to you a call today.

Top tips for dealing with a sweating tank

plumber bristol sweating tankAlthough this issue is more common in the summer, there are some occasions where action can be useful during the colder months of the year as well. This is why the team see it as a good time to bring this up. When it’s too warm and damp, the water in the boiler will cool the outside and the warmer air encourages condensation to happen. This high humidity can be the cause of all types of issues resulting from something being damp. The solution that we  offer is to make sure that the inside of the tank is insulated, something that will also help keep the water a good temperature during the colder months of the year. Now for this type of job, as it requires the tank being emptied and special products, we recommend that you give us a call should you be interested in having this done for you. Should you have any questions at all with regards to your boiler or other types of plumbing please do feel free to give us a call today.

Load your dishwasher for better running

plumber bristol loading dishwasherFor those of you out there who use a dishwasher, there is a couple of tips that we  would like to give you in how you load it. Most people know that most models which provide an energy saving colder and shorter wash are actually capable of washing your dishes completely clean most of the time with just following a few pointers in the loading process. Firstly the team would like to remind you to always get rid of any type of remaining food items on your plates and in your pans, if you then have a look at the sprayer of the dishwasher located at the bottom, you can see how it works. Often it’s important to ensure that water spray can reach all the areas that are in need of cleaning, so packing your dishwasher full to the brim is not the best of ideas. Make sure that dishes are left with space, and vertically stacked. And make sure that your big pieces don’t cover the spray for smaller dishes behind.

Tools for tackling small issues

plumbers bristol pipe snakePlumbing dates in some ways back all the way to Roman times, and although it has changed much the basic principle on how we use it in our day to day lives right now. The plumbing team would this time like to give you some tips on what are some very useful tools for simple plumbing solutions at home. These tools are something we highly recommend that you add to your toolbox at home, as it will save you much time and effort, as well as make sure that your convenience is kept. First up is the plunger; now there are some different varieties out there and it may be a good idea to get one for the toilet and one what you can use on any blocked sink or shower outlet in the house. Secondly, we here at professional plumber see it as very good investment to get a pipe snake, this will help with the blocked drains where the plunger is inefficient. Lastly, if you are a little bit of a DIY person, it’s also good to get a specific pipe wrench, again, to help with the blocked drain situation which cannot be helped with the plunger or the snake.

How to combat loud sinks?

plumber bristol loud sinkToday many sinks are made in stainless steel or a similar material, this is the case for most kitchens, and at times they can be quite loud. There’s one tip we would like to offer you on how to easily lower the noise made when the stream of water hits the sink. If you fill the space between the two basins in the metal sink with expanding foam, it will anchor them together in a flexible way, and on top of that the foam will work as a sound insulator making the echo of the sound lower. The team of plumbing experts at our office always recommend doing this before installation, however it can quite easily be performed after as well when the sink is in place. And for the aesthetic and practice sense, we also recommend trimming the foam after it’s hardened with a knife. If there is anything you are wondering about with regard to your own plumbing, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our a member of our friendly, professional team.

Tip for sorting an inadequate flush

It’s important to have a good working toilet, both for your convenience as well as for keeping a green way of living. So the team would like to help you with some tips should the flush not be strong enough. We recommend that you check for faults related to the link between the handle and the trap lever, making sure that the block is lifted enough for water to flow freely thought. At times what we see as well is that the block actually closes before the tank has emptied, so test the flush whist you have eyes on the mechanism to assure that this is not what is causing your issues. The last thing we recommend is to make sure that the pipes are free flowing and not partially blocked by something, causing a weak flush.

Tips to keep in mind when planning a new bathroom

plumbers bristol new bathroomIf you are in the midst of planning or designing a new bathroom there are a couple of tips on both design and practicality that we would like to share with you. As a team of professionals, we think it’s good to keep these things in mind when planning your own dream bathroom. Firstly, pick what you like, over what other people might. This makes the most sense for us, simply due to the fact that you will be using it much more than anyone who will ever visit your home. Secondly, even though we are big fans of being impulsive, at times it’s better to go with a safe choice, something you know you will still like a couple of years from now. And thirdly, make sure what you’re investing in works for you practically. It’s no use spending time and money developing something which simply doesn’t work. If you have any questions, or when are ready, give us a call to speak about the installation, particularly if you have a focus on green, environmentally-friendly bathroom designs.

How do you find the main tap?

plumber bristol mains tapIt is something which we should know, but at times never really get around to checking. Just knowing where and how to turn off the main water supply to the house in case of emergency can prove a good piece of information to have. This is why we highly recommend that you find this information out, most commonly it’s very easy to find, either outside or where the main services comes into the house. Should you have any issues finding it, you should consult the house building plans which you should have, otherwise make sure you contact your local council. Should you still have issues finding the main tap, give us a call as we know where the most common places of location in most types of homes, so given a description often we will be able to give you a good idea of where to look. And finally, should you ever be faced with that emergency plumbing situation, remember righty tighty and lefty loosey, and keep our number close at hand in those worst of situations.

How to deal with a cold snap?

plumber bristol frozen tapShould the weather take a turn for the worse, and should a radical drop in temperature hit, there are some things which the team here we would like to remind you of. In a cold scenario freezing pipes can cause direct emergencies in the home, not only due to the fact that it may cause a plumbing issue, but it might also leave you without proper heating and exposed to the element.

I would like to let you know that the reason for the increased risk with frozen pipes, is simply that frozen water expands. You may also to keep an eye on the outside garden tap which may also freeze. The best way to prevent this type of scenario, should a cold snap hit, is to make sure that your pipes are properly insulated, especially those who might run outside of the house. In the case of the temperature dropping dramatically we would also like to recommend opening cabinets beneath sinks and bathroom fixtures, the warmer house hold air will help keep the water flowing and prevent it freezing. Should things get really cold, it may also be a good idea to open the tap just ever so slightly, allowing for a minimal trickle of water to stream, also keeping the water in the pipes moving.

Practical ways of addressing a flooded basement

plumber bristol flooded basementOne of the worst nightmares in the minds of many is to come home to a flooded home. Unsurprisingly, this type of scenario is most common in the basement and can be caused by undetected burst pipes or if you live in an area with heavy rain. There is no need to panic, just give our team of friendly, professional plumbers a call and we will be there to your rescue as soon as we can. There are, however, a couple of steps you can take before we arrive, as all flooding issues are in need of swift action. Make sure you shut off the main supply of water to the house and if you have some way of starting the draining process then we highly recommend that you do so. As the longer you leave something soaking the longer it will take to dry out. So start work on removing your furniture and personal items to dry and save as best you can, and remember wind is a bigger factor in evaporation than heat. The team from us will be with you in no time to solve the plumbing issue, meaning you can go back to your day to day life as quickly as possible.

Remodelling x-ray tip from us

pipes in wall plumbers bristolOK maybe not quite as good as an x-ray, however if you are in the process of remodelling your home, or if it’s a new build, from a plumbing point of view would like to advice you of the practical value of taking a simple picture before closing the up the walls. As long as there is some point of reference in the picture, for instance a door or window, then this picture, after your painting and decorating is done will be able to tell you where to not put a nail. And in the case of you needing one of the services we provide here. Well then this will be a big help, the saying is true, a picture says more than a thousand words, and the information we can derive from the picture can save much time, energy and resources! Plus, a picture these days is usually easy to take perhaps with your smart phone or tablet!

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